Upcoming Events/Workshops with Jade-Sky

November 2017 – February 2018

Advanced Psychic/ Mediumship Development Workshop @ Quantum Healing Centre
Nov 26 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Would you like to learn how to tune in more deeply with your spirit guides so that you can access more information to help you in your everyday life and to help others?

Would you like to learn how to discover more about who is around you from the Spirit World and what it is that they would like to share with you? Or what it is they want you to share with others?

Join Jade-Sky in a spirit led unique workshop to learn more about how to tune in on a deeper level with  your spirit guides and how to interpret the signs and information that your spirit guides and passed loved ones are sending you.

Get to know more about your own unique spiritual gifts in a small supportive group, participate in hands on group activities with each activity helping you to increase your psychic ability and connection with your spirit guides.

Learn how to read for other people in a group environment and one on one. Receive messages from your own spirit guides and passed loved ones.

Further your knowledge about psychic protection, spiritual ethics and how to correctly interpret information to be shared with others.

The cost of the workshop $150

Book on line :

2018 New Year Vision Board Workshop – Brisbane @ Quantum Healing Centre
Jan 14 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

During this workshop participants will be able to link in with their spirit guides and set clear intentions about what they would like to achieve in 2018, in all areas of their life such as: relationship area, finances, work/purpose, home, travel, health and family.

This workshop will be a powerful, hands on, creative workshop with each participant creating their own personal vision board to take home with them. I am going to have a maximum of 15 people in the workshop so that I can spend time with each person to help them to formulate their positive intentions and goals for 2018.

(Please note that you don’t have to be artistic to do this workshop, it is all about the power of intention and the words that you use, not how creative you are with a paintbrush or pen.)

Mind Body Spirit Festival – Brisbane @ Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Feb 23 – Feb 25 all-day

Jade will be attending the festival and will have a stand A30. If you would like to book a reading with Jade during the festival please call Richard 0400345113.