Spirit Signs

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Understanding Signs in your Everyday Life

Do you keep seeing the same time on your digital clock? Ever wondered what it means when you find a feather on your path in an unexpected place? Or why the kitchen light keeps turning itself on and off?

Everything happens for a reason – there are no coincidences in life!

Our day-to-day world is teeming with signs from the Universe, designed to guide us through life and support us in all that we do.

‘Spirit Signs’ is the ultimate guide to learning to recognise those signs when they take place and decipher the meaning behind them. The spirit world is streaming signs to you around the clock in a myriad of different ways. This book unlocks their secret meaning, granting you access to a wealth of spiritual guidance and wisdom from beyond this physical reality.

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Psychic Secrets

With Jade-sky’s brand new book unlock your sixth sense, connect to your intuition and navigate your way through life with a bit of help and guidance from your spirit guides.

Jade shows you how to develop your sixth sense and become attuned to the spirit world.

She helps you to meet your spirit guides, to open yourself up psychically, to see and feel auras and to be able to sense things intuitively.

Easy to follow activities, exercises and information will help you to unlock the secrets to your psychic world.

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What Happens Next?

Have you ever been alone but felt that you were not really alone at all: that someone else was there? You didn’t feel scared – you felt comforted and you knew that the energy felt familiar, like that of a passed loved one. But your sceptical mind told you it was just your imagination.

Signs from the spirit world come in many different ways; it could be just a small thing, such as sensing a presence or even the lights flicking on and off whenever you think about a passed loved one. Is this just coincidence, or is it more?

In What Happens Next, spiritual medium Jade-Sky shows you that it is possible to feel, sense or even hear your passed loved ones in spirit. In her work, Jade-Sky is asked hundreds of questions about life after death and here she answers them all, such as what happens to loved ones when they pass, including children, parents, partners, friends and even pets; how to recognise signs from passed loved ones; and all about angels, spirit guides and ghosts.

Drawing on her many years of communicating with the spirit world Jade-Sky’s sympathetic answers offer comfort and reassurance to anyone who wonders What Happens Next.

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No Excuses Guide To Soul Mates

A ‘tough love’ guide to help shine a light on the relationship monsters and banish them for good. Gives clear practical guidance on how to stop repeating mistakes in love and relationships, and enjoy the dating process with confidence.

A uniquely honest book that will bust the myths about the common topic of attracting a Soul Mate:

  • Tools to identify a Soul Mate
  • How to bust through obstacles and get who & what you want
  • Create an exciting action plan to attract the relationship you desire quickly & easily
  • The Ideal Partner Shopping list
  • Help you identify Deal breakers & Negotiable points with your Soul Mate


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